A garment made entirely of synthetic fibers is not always the best feeling on the skin, especially at a low price. The technology enhances their texture, shine and draping, and some of these synthetic fabrics offer qualities such as stretching. They are often mixed with natural materials to create fabrics that closely resemble natural fibers.

In the dryer, however, the two materials are heated and shrink at different speeds. This can change the shape of the garment after a single wash. Fabrics can be made cheaply if they use low-quality fibers, which are usually not very strong, or if there are not many fibers in the fabric. To reduce labor costs, manufacturers can cut corners to produce clothes faster, resulting in clothes that are poorly made. That’s why it’s helpful to learn how good quality looks and feels. An easy way to judge the quality of clothes is by the way they feel when you touch them.

Buying new isn’t the smartest option either, so I wonder what your opinion is on this if you can answer. Ideally, you would like the fabric to be mainly natural fibers (cotton, wool, angora, etc.) rather than synthetic fibers (polyester, Chicwish review rayon, viscose, etc.). There is a big drop in quality when you fall below 80% of natural fibers. Fabric with mainly natural fibers and about 1-5% synthetic fibers is more likely to retain its shape without becoming loose over time.

I usually avoid fast fashion or cheap brands and also poor quality fabrics and constructions, but it really takes time to find those gems and I often leave empty-handed. Fortunately, I haven’t found a piece I liked to be cheaper new than second-hand, but it’s disappointing to hear that you’ve had that experience. 🙁 Personally, you would probably avoid all stores like the one you knew were costing your product too much.

They have a number of basic items, such as classic t-shirts and sweatshirts, which are stylish and affordable. When you buy once or buy for life, clothes are suddenly affordable without being cheap. However, you want to try to avoid mixing natural with synthetic.

Recently, he also launched his first sustainable denim collection! The Denmark-based brand puts sustainable thinking at the centre of it all: it only chooses fabrics that take care of our environment and only works with factories that care about their impact. The amazing thing about this company is that their clothes feel great. Egyptian cotton is not only extremely soft, but also breathable. Each piece is made with quality in mind and will have a feel and fit like no other.