This is a special case that is often exclusive to a particular jurisdiction or location. In addition, security officers may also be called upon to act as police officers, sheriff, etc. In Canada, private security falls under the jurisdiction of the ten provinces and three territories of Canada. The ten provinces of Canada and one of the territories have legislation governing the contractual security industry.

They are highly trained and most useful if you need staff in your daily activities. Security personnel are not police officers unless they are security agents. Security personnel derive their powers from state or provincial laws, which gives them a contractual agreement with customers who grant them powers of owner-agent. This includes almost unlimited power to ask questions in the absence of likely cause requirements Centinel Security in Chicago that law enforcement officers often prosecute. Essentially, security officers keep private property / people safe from danger, while police officers protect entire communities by enforcing laws and arresting suspected criminals. Some jurisdictions employ or replace security officers and grant them limited additional powers, especially when used to protect public property, such as public transport stations.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the trend in the United States is a silent transformation of the role of first aid guards in a terrorist attack or major disaster. This has resulted in more hours of on-call instruction, additional training in terrorism tactics and stricter laws for private security companies in some states. In 2007, several agents of the Securitas AB company were arrested for cruelty to a thief detained in Oslo’s main street.

Armed security, however, is fast becoming a standard for patrol officers and many other non-governmental sites. In the Netherlands, security officers must undergo criminal background checks by the local police in the area where the private security company is located. To become a security guard in the Netherlands, a person must complete the basic level of 2 Security 2 in which there are various specializations, such as airport security, port security, object security and mobile surveillance. In addition, there are individual courses for specializations, such as Personal Security, Private Investigator and Event Security Officer, for which a basic Security 2 training is not required. To complete basic training, a student must complete a three-month internship with a private security company or a company with a security service authorized by the SVPB, the board that monitors security tests.

As a result, the Hong Kong government has passed a completely new law, the Security and Protection Services Regulation, replacing the Watchmen Regulation. All persons licensed to conduct security activities must take a professional development course in nationally recognized associated streams. This has not always been the case and the introduction of this requirement is expected to regulate educational standards and the knowledge base so that certain work can be performed professionally. Strict requirements are imposed on the type of uniform and badges used by security companies.

Security guards can patrol cars, on foot, by bicycle or in motorized scooters. The U.S. Coast Guard provides its members with maritime security training. Often the terms security officer, security guard and private security officer are synonyms. Some of the most common jobs are residential patrol, commercial facility protection and retail theft prevention. Sometimes employers ask that security officers show documentation that they have received special training. Many guards do not carry weapons and other weapons to protect an individual.

In addition, companies hired for armed security posts realize that veterans have a hard time finding a position outside the military when they are no longer in active or training. By offering these people positions, it improves the quality of life for veterans. A security specialist is classified as one of the highest paid armed security jobs. However, any position considered a security specialist is part of law enforcement. A person who takes on this role benefits from one of the highest paid armed security jobs and is responsible for protecting information, property or individuals. His task may be to protect data and secure computers in addition to information systems.

The term “agent” is also used in other industries, such as bank agents, loan agents and real estate agents. Security officers often work in loss prevention and personal or executive protection functions. They generally work in civilian clothes and are generally highly trained to act legally in direct defense of life or property.

However, positions are available in the United States, especially in areas where event security is a great industry . However, people will find more full-time positions than part-time armed guards in my area. Security guards are also published in art galleries and museums to protect against theft. There are also security posts in courts, libraries or other similar types of buildings.