Members and staff may assist in fundraising for political organizations registered under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, including federal and state-level political organizations. Members and staff can also directly raise funds for statewide election quantity committees qualified under state law, but not for Ducks Unlimited Texas an organization that intends to donate all or part of its profits to a statewide election quantity committee. If you have a legal expenses fund, you cannot accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists or foreign agents.For more information about the contributions you can accept, see Legal Expenses Fund.

A “political organization” for this exemption from the gift rule is one described in ยง 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

He works for the Veterans Affairs Committee and is actively involved in supporting veterans outside of his official duties. A private organization that helps veterans wants to present them with an award for their service to veterans. The organization has been awarding this prize for five years, and no other laureate was affiliated with the congress. The organization is aware that you work for the Veterans Affairs Committee, but the decision to present the award to you is mainly based on your service outside the home.

As a rule, these trainings are not provided by external organizations that want to share their views with you and influence your political decisions. You may not accept meals in connection with presentations by registered federal lobbyists, foreign agents, organizations that employ or retain registered federal lobbyists or foreign agents, or interest groups. It also cannot accept meals related to briefings or discussions on issues before the Congress. They were invited to an “unofficial” dinner at the house of a local philanthropist. The purpose of the dinner is to discuss the political initiatives on which the philanthropist is working.

Depending on the market value of the ticket, you may need to obtain the approval of the committee before accepting it. For example, an organization that does not employ or employ a federal lobbyist or a registered foreign agent will offer you tickets to a baseball game with a face value of $ 65. You can’t pay $16 to reduce the value, so the gift is less than $50. You have to pay the full face value of the ticket to accept it. If the market value of the gift exceeds $ 250, you will need to obtain formal approval from the committee to accept a gift offered on the basis of a personal friendship, even if the gift meets all the requirements listed below. If the market value of a gift is $ 250 or less, you can decide for yourself whether the gift meets the requirements.