If you haven’t noticed, blogging is the new big thing on the net. If you don’t know what a blog is, I’ll tell you a not-so-secret secret. A blog is a website in the form of a diary. In fact, it is an online place where you can write about your life and interests and share yourself with the rest of the world. Once upon a time magazines were secret books that were hidden under the bed, so this is a huge paradigm shift for this medium. Now it’s about telling other people around the world what you think and do. The community of bloggers is already huge; millions of people are using these new simplified websites from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo.

For a little research into the madness of blogging I went to one of the largest blog sites, http://www.blogger.com, which is now owned by Google. It’s a pretty cool site, and in a very short time you can start your own free blog based on templates with your name on. Having your URL or web address is usually worth the name “blogspot” which may seem a bit unprofessional, but I’ve heard that there’s a way around this hurdle. Otherwise, you can always contact a web hosting company and create a blog with a more original design and a random address. Meanwhile I’ve run three blog posts at Blogger to find out how and why people create their calendars online.

On I found a very interesting social magazine made by a cartoonist. One thing that made diary entries so attractive to read is, of course, cartoons. She’s a very good performer. Images in the form in which they are drawn on their own, add much-needed life to the text and create an individual authenticity, which immediately gives visitors the opportunity to deeply understand the personality of the artist. His blog site is clearly very popular, with about 50 comments from other people added to each post.

This is one of the main reasons people write blogs: to connect with like-minded people. This blog is well structured because it has a good biography of the person to whom it belongs, many references to other blogs related to a common theme (in this case “cartoons”), and there is a reference to the collective of artists. Internet site. You see, this is a real phenomenon of having a blog as well as a conventional website. In the blog we can see how the mind behind the artist works, and on his personal website, in this case: his professional portfolio.

 This site interested me because of the images of birds and other animals that accompany every day when I write a diary (again, this essence of real life, not just the text on the page makes it interesting). Here is someone whose website is entirely devoted to the central theme, in this case bird watching. A notable feature of his blog’s homepage is a long list of links to both other personal bird blogs and media sites in general. The classy section of the list is dedicated to webcams for birds. These are real websites where some areas where certain species of birds (e.g. large horned owl) are known to be spoken around the clock. What will people think next? Again, there is a link to the blog owner’s personal , which I think is supported by a hosting company. Look at it, there’s a cool picture of a blogger holding a huge hawk (I think it’s a hawk, I know little about the bird world!) on his arm. She even took the trouble (unless it was done by someone else) to publish her website in French.

The last blog I visited was “Finding Paradise” and can be found at the address ” An interesting point regarding the blogger on this site is that he (in the blogger’s own words) lives on a small piece of stone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (Bermuda).