When blogging was first introduced on the world wide web, current and novice writers were ecstatic. Why?

Indeed, the Internet has finally given them a voice or space, as you would call it, where they can write their hearts, attract the desired audience and from time to time interact with them. The best part is that most if not all of these domains for blogging are free. So that the author could simply publish without thinking about the accounts, the costs of publishing, etc.

But like everything else in this world, blogging has suddenly turned from a writer’s paradise into a paid site. Yes, it’s really possible. Blogs can be used to earn extra money for your family. And for a blogger it’s just cool! Imagine doing what you absolutely like and earning extra income at the same time. Now you want to know how this can be achieved? If so, here are some tips to help you take advantage of the opportunities you can find.

  1. Blog on one topic. For example, when it comes to weight loss, just focus on that. If cooking is your passion, start writing a blog about recipes and cooking tips. The idea here is to attract regular readers. And as the number of readers increases, the chances of being noticed by big companies increase. Who knows that they will contact you after a while and pay for posting their advertisement or banner on your blog?
  1. Join a large company and offer them advertising services. Don’t advertise in a way that distracts readers. Too assertive won’t help your business. Since you are a writer, this should be done more subtly. You should create well-written articles about “sold” products and type in an article with an appropriate number of keywords. Thus, when consumers are looking for a product that is being written about in a blog, the likelihood of your blog/website appearing on the first page increases. Keep in mind that for some it’s SEO or search engine optimization.
  2. If you take a more direct approach, join several affiliate or multi-level marketing (MLM) sites. Make money by getting a personal link for yourself and posting it in your materials. From there, the following happens: if your readers eventually decide to join the site you have joined, or they decide to buy something from your MLM or affiliate, you will receive a commission from the community.

These are simple blogs with financial advice that I can share. Are you excited to try them out? If so, don’t let me hold you back. Start now!