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Watch as some of your favorite New World content creators compete in three-on-three arena matches against our development team, and cheer them on as they do so. The new player-versus-player mode will be demonstrated by pitting five different creators and developers against one another in an arena match on a weekly basis. Join the Twitch streams of any of the participating creators to learn strategies to implement in your next player versus player encounter, receive a Twitch Drop, and engage in banter with our development team. You should make it a priority to watch the matches on May 12, 19, and 26 at 11 a. m. PT (6 p. m. UTC) so that you don’t miss a single exciting second of the competition.

There is another name for the Combatant’s Supply Chest, and that is the Twitch Drop.

– The Watertight Container for Supplies Carried by the SoldierTo help you perform better in player versus player combat, the loot that can be found in Twitch Drop is scaled to your level and is designed to improve your chances of winning

– Following the conclusion of each event, this one-of-a-kind Twitch Drop will be made available for purchase for a period of 96 hours

– Viewers will be required to watch a total of two hours of New World in order to accumulate enough Drops for a reward

– After the content update that brings the 3v3 PvP Arena, players will be able to claim their chest(s) through the ‘Item Claim’ tab that can be found within the in-game store once the chest(s) have been earned

– This will be possible after the content update that brings the 3v3 PvP Arena

– Please visit the page on our website that is devoted to Twitch Drops if you would like more information on how to link your accounts and collect them

You have a chance to collect a total of three supply chests, one for each of the events that take place. It is important that you keep in mind that once the collection window for the Drop has closed, your progress will not be carried over to the following Twitch Drop. Please keep this in mind. The following is a list of the items that may be discovered within any given supply chest:You will feel more confident entering the Arena if you have any of the following:

There are two vials, and each one contains one thousand grains of Azoth Salt. Our new PvP currency is called Azoth Salt, and it can be used to purchase exclusive rewards for use in PvP.

You will receive three pieces of random, exclusive PvP gear, each of which has a higher rarity and is tailored specifically to the needs of players competing in PvP.

Because health potions have the ability to instantly restore a portion of your health, you should never enter the arena without carrying at least five of them with you at all times.

  • 10 Individual Items of Specialty Food, Each of Which Provides a Boost to a Particular Attribute StatIf you open the chest when you are hungry, you will receive a piece of specialty food appropriate to your level that will increase one of your attribute stats (STR, DEX, INT, FOC, or CON)
  • This food will only be given to you if you open the chest while you are hungry
  • You will be given a total of ten items, with two pieces of stat-boosting food for each stat that you currently have

2 Honing Stones – These stones will increase the damage done by your weapon by a certain percentage for a set amount of time, allowing you to deal more damage to your opponents. This effect lasts for a specific amount of time and can be used multiple times.

2 Particles of Dust from a Precious Stone:This provides you with a temporary increase in the percentage of elemental damage you can absorb for a set amount of time, which is very useful when you are engaging in combat with the mages of Aeternum.

2 Oakflesh Balms – This will increase the amount of damage that can be absorbed from all types of physical attacks (Slash, Strike, and Thrust) by a certain percentage for a set amount of time or until a certain number of hits have been taken. This effect will last either until the specified number of hits have been taken or until the specified amount of time has elapsed. As its name suggests, this balm will make you as sturdy as an oak when you are engaged in close-quarters melee combat.


A new set of three content creators and developers will go head to head against one another every week. If you go to the Twitch channels of the people who made the game, you will be able to watch the event, listen to the developer’s commentary, and observe high-level player versus player gameplay. The development team for the New World has been putting in a lot of effort to create a new experience for the PvP Arena, but how exactly will this information translate into actual skill remains to be seen.

AT 11 A. M. ON MAY 12 (OR AT 6 P. M. UTC)


BagginsTV Redbyrd

While Mike Willette is in charge of the World Experience, designer Chris Corey is one of the team’s members.

Patrick Smedley, a Game Designer for Computer and Video Games


Katcontii Towelliee is the author.


The Executive Producer and Creative Director of the company is Dave Verfaillie.

Drew Higbee is his name, and he is the Senior Product Manager.


Ginger Prime

To be revealed in the near future


Mike Willette is in charge of the World Experience, and Dave Hall is in charge of the game’s overall gameplay design.

Zach Holm, Level Designer

If you join the Public Test Realm, you’ll get early access to new features as they become available.

The Public Test Realm, more commonly abbreviated as PTR, is a server that gives players an early look at upcoming content such as Arenas. Players can access the PTR here. These preview builds are not the final versions, but rather snapshots of upcoming major releases that are still in the development pipeline. You run the risk of running into problems such as bugs, https://www.aoeah.com/new-world-gold/us-east-frislandiaBuy New World EU Central Rocabarra Coins, Buy New World US West Lilliput Coins, system crashes, text that is missing, and other issues. You will be able to assist us in locating and fixing any major bugs that may exist in the game’s live servers before they are released if you participate, along with the rest of the community and our development team. You will also be able to provide feedback on new features that are being developed for Aeternum if you participate. Read our article that goes into detail about the Public Test Realm to learn how you can take part in the testing that goes on there. Arenas, brand new mutators, and even more content can be found on the current PTR.

I am thankful to you for providing support in this endeavor. We can’t wait to see what creative solutions the players come up with to this new game mode, especially in the showdowns between the Developers and the Creators, and we are excited to witness the players’ innovative approaches to this new game mode. We’ll find you in the Arena and catch up there.