A reflection is a writing or a thought about something, especially in the past. It is an opportunity to think and analyze what you have read or experienced practicum reflection examples in the past. During a reflection one tries to understand the material or object in question and how it influences his ideas and practices.

The learning goals he has set for his internship can also emphasize the skills he has developed and the equipment and software he has used. Future employers will also read your CV to see what you did during the internship and whether your job has had an impact on your employer’s efficiency and / or end result. The following is a way to brainstorm your internship experience to develop a performance statement that you can use on your resume. During the time that I started my internship, the students had already drawn up their schedules.

After being a senior advisor for a year, I can certainly say that support services really help students succeed. I can also say that a student let them know that there are services that can help them every step of their studies. By making these services more accessible and clearer to students, your success can increase to new heights.

This book showed me what to do in a particular situation and how to help that particular student so that he doesn’t look like Kilene in his early years of teaching. During teaching I performed a wide range of activities designed to improve learning and involve students in class (Norma 8.31). These different activities are generally effectively linked to the continuous evaluation system implemented during and during each lesson.

As a professional I have learned that it is important to keep your working life separate from your personal life. Some of the crises that occurred in the office accompanied me for the rest of the day. When I heard my manager’s personal experiences, I learned how to leave behind what is happening in the office and not take it home. By understanding the importance of this, I learned how to challenge this job mentally at times. In addition, maintaining professionalism and learning to leave my professional life and personal life separately was very helpful in preparing me to enter the field of help in general. It is extremely important to recognize that evaluation provides instruction.