If you’re ever in the city of Kolkata, then you know that there is no way to go wrong with a stop at one of the many street food restaurants scattered around. From hawker stalls to high-end restaurants, there is something for everyone in Kolkata. But what if you don’t have time to explore every restaurant? That’s where the kolkata fatafat blog comes in. Here we will provide an overview of some of the best street food restaurants in Kolkata, as well as advice on where to find them and what to order.

What is Street Food in Kolkata.

Street food is a type of cuisine that typically refers to food found on the street or in public places. In Kolkata, there are many types of street food, including Indian and Bangladeshi street food, hawker food, as well as international street food.

What are the Different Types of Street Food in Kolkata.

Different types of street food can be found in different parts of Kolkata. For example, Indian street food can be found near India Gate or IIT campus, while Bangladeshi street food can be found near Dhaka University or Shahid Pirzada Square.

What are the Different Types of Restaurants in Kolkata.

There are many different restaurants in Kolkata that serve various types ofstreet food. Some examples include Dilwale Farma, which specializes in Bangladeshi-style chicken tandoori skewers; Alok’s Cafe, which offers international-style sandwiches and salads; and BFC Café, which serves Indian and international cuisine together.

What are the Different Types of Food?

Some common types of foods served at restaurants in Kolkata include Indian and Bangladeshi street foods, international-style sandwiches and salads, and Indian rupees (Rs).

How to Get Started in Street Food in Kolkata.

In order to enjoy street food in Kolkata, you first need to know the basics. In this section, we will cover the basics of street food and how to get started. We will also provide a street food menu in order to help you plan your next meal. Finally, we will discuss cooking street food and tell you what to expect when dining out at some of Kolkata’s best restaurants.

Get a Street Food Menu.

Once you have a basic understanding of street food, it’s time to start planning your meals! To create a delicious and affordable street food menu, start by using online or print cookbooks as resources. Alternatively, head to local grocery stores and find their widest variety ofstreet food items. Remember: Streetfood should be fun and easy to eat – so be sure all ingredients are fresh!

Get a Street Food Menu.

When creating your street food menu, make sure that all components are fresh and affordable! For example, consider including rice dishes with pork or chicken instead of justWestern toppings like cheese or meatballs. And be sure not to forget the sauces – many businesses offer dipping sauces for theirStreetFood menus!

Cook Street Food.

Now that you have a recipe for your favorite type ofstreet food, it’s time to put it all together in an oven or stovetop dish! Start by heating up some oil or ghee in a large skillet over medium heat before adding your desired amount of spices (or any other flavorings) for your dish of choice. Once everything is hot and bubbly, add your cookedStreetFood ingredients and stir until everything is evenly mixed together). Serve immediately with side sauces if desired (we love our Indian curries without any added sugar!). Enjoy!

Tips for Enjoying Street Food in Kolkata.

If you’re looking to enjoy street food in Kolkata, there are a few things you can do to help make the experience more enjoyable. First, make sure you have a good street food menu in mind. This means finding restaurants that offer great street food options at reasonable prices. Next, be sure to order your street food from a restaurant instead of just eating it on the streets. This will avoid any waste and give you an even better experience overall. Finally, consider trying out some of the different Street Food Dishes that are available in Kolkata. These dishes usually feature interesting flavors and can be quite delicious.


Street Food in Kolkata can be a fun and delicious way to enjoy great food without having to leave home. There are many different types of street food to choose from, so it’s important to get started with finding the perfect menu for you and your friends. It’s also easy to cook your own street food by following these tips. If you want to orderstreet food from a restaurant, there are various ways to do so. By exploring different restaurants in Kolkata and trying out their dishes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. In conclusion, Street Food in Kolkata is a great way to have some great meals without having to leave home.