Corperto is a fee per person or a total coverage fee for each meal. It is a custom that originated in the Middle Ages. During that time, travelers stopped at inns and ate food brought from home to save money. Because innkeepers couldn’t Treno bernina sell them their food, they charged customers for the space they occupied and the use of kitchen utensils. A crucial tip when traveling to Italy is to understand that trains are great, especially if you want to travel between cities.

Credit cards are usually accepted in restaurants, hotels and shops, although Italians still like to pay in cash, especially for those small expenses. In general, for items under 30 euros cash is used more often and is preferred. If you rent a car in Italy, especially necessary if you are in the countryside, look out for Zona Traffico Limitato signs. It means it’s limited traffic and most towns and small towns, especially in the historic center, you’ll see them. A special permit is required to drive in these areas and car rental companies do not offer them. There is a camera that takes a picture of your license plate upon entering and you get a fine by mail, even tourists.

You can easily make day trips from where you are staying. Or if you’re on a tour, you can always spend a day in one place and go to the next place in the evening where you want to stay. Or just spending half a day somewhere is very common again.

If you need to store your luggage somewhere, we are happy to use this company that is available in almost all major cities in Italy. Now that you’ve set your budget to visit Italy, you can start saving! You don’t have to give up your entire salary, but you should make saving for travel a priority so you don’t go into crazy debt to pay it off. Before you buy tickets for Italy, sit down, as a responsible adult, and plan a budget for your trip to Italy. Make sure it’s realistic and make sure it’s something you can afford right now. Road trips can be fun, but they certainly add a layer of complexity to this situation.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting Italy is to shop in supermarkets! I know it looks really crazy and not holiday-like, but I get tired of eating out and I like to discover the different products abroad. Buy train tickets at a tobacconist or tobacconist. Many buses don’t sell tickets on board, so this is important. These shops are usually closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly. It’s not something you can really plan, but don’t be surprised if it happens while you’re there.

Italy is more than Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence! I have been to Italy more than a dozen times and still have to go north to the Dolomites, Sardinia, Sicily, Turin or the “tip of the boot”, Calabria. In my experience, the best restaurants in Italy are often full during meals and wouldn’t be caught chasing pedestrians to eat.

Everything from the best places to go, the best time to go and tips for traveling to Italy. Italy is one of those countries with a strong cultural heritage and traditions, so knowing what to expect in Italy, especially for the first time, is key. If you want to visit popular tourist attractions such as the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel, you should buy tickets in advance. You can often book tickets online before you travel. While credit cards are most commonly accepted in restaurants, hotels, and stores, we still love cash, especially if you pay as little as you pay for a cup of coffee or a coke. While many travelers think they can get last-minute tickets to top attractions and skip the line, this rarely works.