We have engaged a handful of supply chain management professionals to shed some light on the subject. We’ve asked experts to share some of the important things they want to know before starting a supply chain management career. I am 29 years old and have over 3 years of work experience in the communication industry.

I have been working as a purchasing agent for almost 6 years, unfortunately my company worked last year 2020 because of Covid. I am currently struggling to get another job, so I want to find other positions. You can prepare to start a career in supply chain management from the classroom, says Altinoz. Purdue Global offers a Bachelor of Science in Online Business Administration with a focus on supply chain management. As your education progresses and you find a starting position, you can gain experience, obtain certifications and grow in your career.‡ Request more information about this online training today.

Internships are an equal opportunity for global supply chains: their sexual orientation doesn’t matter, their gender identity doesn’t matter, their national origins don’t matter. A big city like New York, a great company like Pfizer or the local cooperative on the way, would be lucky to have you. To get into the supply chain world, you have to show that you know what you are doing. Becoming internal is an excellent first step to become a supply chain manager, a stable and well-paid position.

With the delicate balancing act of many supply chains, it is also crucial that you know how every change on your side will affect other parts of the organization. There are several jobs for Supply Chain Managers, making it a good career option for those looking for a variety of career opportunities after graduating from college. For example, there are positions in production companies where the Supply Supply Chain Recruiting Firm Chain Manager supervises production and delivery to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In other cases, people with this title may work as buyers or managers of acquisitions in a store like Walmart or Target. CDL + is a 17-hour credit certificate that can be completed in one semester. Students have 160 hours of training, preparing them to become holders of the Class A Commercial Drivers License.

You can master ERP programs through work training and software tutorials. You will learn central topics such as cost calculation, operations management, organizational behavior and business administration. Many bachelor’s programs for business administration also enable specializations in supply chain activities or management. Online workplaces, social media and recruitment agencies are not the only sources of initial supply chain jobs and logistics.