You can also consume your own food in most areas, as long as you buy drinks. You’ll see the famous Marienplatz, Neues Rathaus, and Frauenkirche, among many more. There are several spas in the area, including Rathen, where you can be located, although you can easily reach the national park on day trips from Dresden. Cologne Cathedral is now one of Germany’s most visited attractions, and for good reason. This is not only the historic center of Cologne, which itself is one of the best cities to visit in Germany, but this is also the tallest cathedral with two spires in the world. The spires, which took so long to complete, stand at a height of 157 meters and overshadow the surrounding buildings in Cologne’s medieval Old Town.

Many multi-day cruises begin in Cologne before taking travelers south to Bonn, Koblenz, Mainz and Mannheim. Along the way, stop to explore charming medieval towns and castles, as well as West Germany’s best museums, galleries, and tourist attractions. Now, I’m not typically a museum man (I feel like I’m exhausted as soon as I enter), but the museum is worth a visit while you’re there. You will then have a number of walking routes across the street from the museum to guide you through the region. Bring a map and you can easily connect these trails to nearby towns and hop on the train to get back to where you started. Better yet, act like a cyclist in the Tour de France and walk through the region.

You will be assisted by a multilingual guide who is fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Croatian, English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Russian. The guide will let you know all the basics of sports and help you participate in this activity. Visit the iconic pedestrian bridges during your cruise on the Frankfurt River and capture the stunning Oktoberfest 2023 views of the city from this amazing location that’s always busy. The beautiful art and architecture of neuschwanstein castle’s interior are incredible to look at and the exterior suddenly seems to have come from a fantasy fairy tale. Neuschwanstein Castle, located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, is the fairytale castle.

Even hop on hop off buses Frankfurt Germany are very useful if you want to explore the city and travel from one destination to another without spending time and money booking a private car or taxi. Once you have the Frankfurt hop on hop off pass, you’ll have unlimited access to all Frankfurt tour buses for 24 hours. You can easily frame your itinerary and spend as much time as you like at one destination, then continue to another destination by taking the Frankfurt bus hop-on hop-off. You can also opt for the Frankfurt Sightseeing Skyline Express Tour to enjoy the enchanting views of the city as you travel.

The Brothers Grimm, who wrote many of the world’s most popular fairy tales, based some of their stories on the Harz Mountains. The Frankfurt River Cruise takes you on an exceptional journey along the titular river that allows you to explore the beautiful monuments of this destination. Tall buildings with clear glass windows add to the charm of the city skyline. Visit popular attractions such as the Iron Bridge, the Bank of the Historical Museum, and others on this Rhine cruise near Frankfurt. Nuremberg’s imposing buildings bear witness to both the scale of events and the megalomania of the Nazi regime. The meeting grounds of the Nazi Party were used for party meetings, speeches and parades.