Going to a shooting range regularly to practice will help you improve your balance and focus, develop courage and confidence with your firearm, and increase your mental discipline. This course starts with an overview of the basic and tactical gun I. Topics covered include; turns, moving shots, shooting from uncomfortable positions, cutting the cake, shooting at moving targets, distance shooting, weak-handed shooting and shooting from vehicles. The main focus is to take it to the next level using tactical applications.

There are many shooting theories and methods when it comes to views. However, at the most fundamental and reliable level, we try to align the sights on the target while focusing intensely on the front view. The rear visors should be slightly out of focus, as should the lens. In the 2X2X2 drill you shoot two “controlled pairs” at each target. A controlled pair is where each shot is aimed and the shooter must see the visor on the target before breaking the next shot.

This is a fast-paced course and includes paper, steel, man-to-man, high-speed exercises, moving targets and moving shots. At the end of this course, you will receive a tailor-made exercise program created especially for you to enhance your training after the course. The course focuses on increasing your speed, accuracy and consistency in high-performance shooting. This course is generally reserved for law enforcement and military personnel.

Anticipating recoil results in a hesitant movement, which in turn propels your shots down and sometimes to the left. Anticipation of backlash occurs because you’re trying to fight your Firearms training natural instincts. Think about it: you have a small controlled explosion right in front of your face. It is important to understand that recoil never stops, it can only be managed.

Better yet, buy a lens with 1- to 2-inch dots as a focal point. If you handle your trigger and visor well, you should end up with a single irregular hole. If your photos are scattered, this is a sign that you need to polish one or more of the basics.

Instructors vary in their approach here, but the bottom line is that you’ll want to learn a new shooter to pull the trigger back so that it doesn’t disturb the image of the view. Once they can break the shot neatly without moving the gun’s muzzle while releasing the sear or front end, you can start working on trigger control while maintaining proper alignment of sight and vision. Another good drill for the interior range is the deceptively simple 3×5 drill, which helps you shoot tight and accurate groups on demand, regardless of distance. Starting at 3 yards, and with no time limit, the goal of this exercise is to put six shots on a 3×5 index card with maximum accuracy (and if you’re really good, do it with one hand). This exercise helps create the feeling of taking repeated, well-focused shots without time pressure, allowing you to take them on demand, when time pressure is definitely working against you. For air targets, the correct “sight image” of the shotgun is highly controversial, and we recommend getting professional instructions here.

Make sure your grip is secure and that your arm is in line with the direction of the barrel. By making sure the sights are level and absorbs the image, you can print your alignment. Don’t rush the shot and pull the trigger if you think the goal, front view and rear view are well aligned. Use a shooting range to practice nothing more than sight alignment to record muscle memory. For static target shooting, it’s generally a good idea to teach students to breathe, let them out, and try to break the shot in the natural breathing space just before they breathe again. This is especially important for bench or pendant/lying rifle shooting and target pistol shooting.

Performance Pistol is an 8-hour course focused on the high-level execution of the basics of pistol shooting at speed. Students will learn how to train to be faster in all aspects of shooting and then how to use their new found speed gains to get consistently accurate hits at that speed. Pistol Skills and Drills is a 4.5-hour class that focuses on delving into the basics and mechanics of competent gun shooting skills.