6 Reasons Why One Should Not Start Blogging

Today’s younger generation has a penchant for blogging. About 250,000 bloggers join the blogosphere every day. You can imagine a strong desire to blog among young people.

However, I can assume that this is not for everyone. Before you start blogging, you need to consider the six reasons listed below.

Frankly, don’t start blogging if you agree with six reasons.

Keeping a blog as a part-time job

Don’t start if you think it’s a part-time job. Usually beginners think of blogging as part-time.

However, blogging is similar to any other full-time job. Here you have to devote all your time to one goal. In fact, it takes more than 12 hours a day to find out when you’re a beginner. So never think of blogging as a part-time job.

If you think so, it’s best NOT to blog. Whatever!

Inability to discover a passion or hobby

You can only blog if you have a passion for something in your life. Everyone has a hobby in this world, and of course you can talk about it.

You can’t write if you can’t discover your passion or hobby. That’s why it is desirable to reveal your inner passion better.

After that you have to express your passion through the blog. There’s no point in writing without a passion for something.

If you don’t have a hobby or can’t express it, don’t start blogging

Expect money overnight

Many bloggers start blogging because they think they get rich quickly. Many of them even consider it a lottery.

In fact, however, this is not the case. You can’t make money overnight because you need to write regularly for years.

Never start a blog if you think you can make thousands of dollars in weeks or months. This is a long review and there are no shortcuts.

He does not want to study ideas and innovate

Keeping a blog can be extremely time-consuming. Here every day you need to learn new things. Your knowledge of the modern world should be relevant.

Keeping a blog makes you come up with new ideas every day. If you can’t generate new ideas, you won’t be able to survive as a blogger.

In fact, blogging is not a children’s game. Here you have to compete with thousands of other bloggers. You should be prepared to post at least 2-3 blog posts per day.

You have to be consistent and regularly publish messages.

Keeping a blog is not for you if you can’t innovate or if you’re not consistent.

Hesitant to write, write and write

The most important aspect of blogging is that you have to write about everyday things that are happening in the world. You need to create fresh and unique posts.

To create unique articles, you need to practice writing. You can only become a successful blogger if you can write.

In blogs, the main thing – content. Every day, if you can’t create new quality content, stop thinking.

A frivolous attitude to everything

You can take your career lightly. Therefore, the blog can be taken lightly.

If you are not serious and think that blogging is really easy to make a lot of money, then you live in a paradise for fools.

You have to be serious about writing, otherwise you need to stop blogging and choose a different type of work.


In conclusion I would say that blogging is not for everyone. The bottom line is that blogging doesn’t make you rich overnight, and you need to be prepared to write great content. If you can’t do both, don’t think about it because it’s none of your business.

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