Why There Is No End to the Making of Books and Blogs

Writers create books for the same reason that artists take pictures: there’s nothing we can do about it. We have to. And if you ever give up on a rocker and start writing a book, you’ll learn how that process takes over.

In my second novel, the working title “Sugar Planter” is 40,000 words, and that’s how I feel when I finish every day on the manuscript: “Can’t wait to read this book!” is the story of the pioneers – a young female doctor who wants to own it, and an aristocratic migrant who challenges them both. The story takes place in a tropical paradise in northern Australia and highlights France’s little-known connection to the era of vast sugar cane plantations.

It’s not that I don’t know what’s going on with all my characters every step of their journey through history. Simply process, like the picture, is subject to the “happy randomness” of combinations and connections, which the creator initially did not foresee. Colors can merge, which the artist could not have imagined, the characters can resist the plans of the novelist regarding them.

According to my estimates, it will take about a year to complete this first project. After that, the assessment of how long it would take to get to the finished manuscript is like the question “What is the length of the line?”

Now I enjoy the freedom to write without the purpose of publishing. I am interested to see how the writing skills themselves have improved – or, I hope – in the years since my first self-publishing novel.

Because of the fun, I also doubted that I would find time on the blog, as Alice did when Griffin and The Alleged Turtle invited her to the Lobster Dance in Wonderland. “You want to, don’t you want to dance?”

The canvas is littered with puffs and clicks, so I wondered why I should add my two cents to it. I then found some of the many inspiring blogs that illustrate the principle I passionately believe in: this story is the oldest and most fundamental art, the basis of all art.

These writers make me feel ready to say, “Yes! I’m going to “Join the Dance.” So this year I see my debut as a blogger. The blog’s name is “ArtLife.” If it’s good for readers, I’m only learning along the way. I plan to write short messages once a week on Fridays. I enjoy writing this and I hope people enjoy reading it.

The process of creating something that wasn’t there before you put a brush on a canvas or fingers on a keyboard is fascinating, exciting and exceeds all expectations. However, the results of your efforts are never entirely satisfactory. You can see that now, don’t you? There is no end to books and blogs.

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